TIMELESSART of Isabella Accenti has been recognized by the awards received in 2019 as a new and innovative expression of contemporary art.


Specialized in portraits, the subjects represented by the artist,  evoke stories of people, personalities, nobility and entrepreneurial dynasties, belnding history with art.


The artist's main trait is the creation of unique artworks that mix photographic images with fragments of Cubist, Dadaist, futurist and surrealist art.


The creative path ends in a long and detailed technical procedure that the artist manually performs for each artwork, making it a unique and unrepeatable piece of art.

The collection  TIMELESSART, is realized in unique artworks.

Each artwork is manually realized by the artist on selected and prestigious 100% cotton paper  300 gr. - 450 gr. - 680 gr. and manually mounted suspended on wodden frame

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