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 Davide Campari  homage to Campari's family         Ref.216

Davide, is son of Gaspare Campari, founder of the world renowned “Bitter Campari”

Davide Campari fourth of five sons created in 1923, the first single-dose aperitif with the name of Camparisoda, that has became the iconic Italian aperitif in the world.

YEAR :                                    2020

CM:                                       54,5 x 71,5 included of handmade box woodden                                                  framemounted on paspartout with no glass                                                   

TECNIQUE:                           photography - mixed  tecnique on 100% cotton                                                    paper 300 gr.


NOTES:                                  Unique artwork

                                                       Published on Travelglobe Magazine April  issue 2020                                                         download the publication

Each artwork is appropriately mounted "in suspended" to empathize the idea that the artwork is voyiging into the time.

Each artwork is signed by the artist on the back of the paper.

Each artwork is accompained by a Certificate of Autenthicity signed by the artist



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